Safety Survey

Justrite is more than a products company. Our commitment to our customers extends to a variety of services. We offer safety surveys, training, and new-product development services to organizations whose mission we share in protecting people, property, and environment from potential harm in handling flammable and hazardous materials.


Justrite's free consultative survey, provided in a comprehensive format—known as STUD-E for STORAGE, TRANSFER, USE, DISPOSAL, and EVALUATION of flammable liquids - addresses the inherent concerns with handling volatile hazardous liquids. The results prevent catastrophic fires, protect your people from potential injuries or death, protect the environment to meet sustainability initiatives, and assure compliance to OSHA and EPA regulations. This makes your job easier and more productive. Recognized as a vital part of environmental, health, and safety programs by businesses worldwide, Justrite brings the STUD-E backed by over a 100 years of experience. Put our expertise to work for you to improve your overall safety program. To learn more about receiving your company’s own safety survey, download our STUD-E page.
Or, you can fill in a request for a STUD-E survery here and send directly to our Customer Service department.