Aerosol Can and other Disposal Systems

Aerosol Can and other Disposal Systems

EPA compliant systems turn spent aerosol cans from a hazardous waste to recyclable steel

Safely recycle with Aerosolv, the original aerosol can recycling system with over 25 years of experience in helping environmentally-sensitive companies legally dispose of spent aerosol cans. Choose from a variety of systems and budgets to solve the needs of facilities with small quantities of aerosol cans to those with larger quantities, as well as companies that must comply to the stricter regulations of California’s EPA Department of Toxic Substances Control.

Most Aerosolv units have been objectively tested and verified by the EPA’s Environmental Technology Verification Program. Awarded in 1999, Aerosolv is the only system carrying this verification of credible performance data. The process proves the truth of the performance of a technology under specific, pre-determined criteria or protocols and a strong quality management system. Proven protection for the environment—only Aerosolv provides this assurance.

Aerosolv eliminates an entire RCRA waste stream through the depressurization and recycling of aerosol cans. Whether you are in manufacturing, vocational education, or municipalities—chances are your facility uses more aerosols than you might think. If you are in compliance, you're spending a lot of money for hazardous waste disposal. Start saving and start recycling your aerosols with Aerosolv, the proven solution for keeping aerosol cans out of landfills and contributing to environmental sustainability.

EPA-ETV Certification