2-Hour Fire-Rated Lockers

2-Hour Fire-Rated Lockers

Designed to be placed near existing structures and/or property set-backs, 2-hour fire-rated lockers provide a safe yet convenient storage solution for 55-gallon (200-liter) drums. This improved proximity over non-combustible designs allows for more efficient use, distribution and storage of your flammable and combustible liquids.* Available with FM-approved explosion relief panels that release at 20 psf to reduce the damage associated with a potential explosion.

* NOTE: Always check with your local authority having jurisdiction to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed, including proper set-back requirements and the correct wall/roof rating needed for your application.

In most instances, locker sizes 2- through 6-drum are available to ship via a closed container box truck, which can potentially reduce freight costs as compared to traditional flat bed shipping alternatives.

Exterior dimensions include anchoring plates and door hardware.

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Manufactured with 2-hour fire-rated and weatherproof construction, each locker has an FM-approved fire-rated wall and roof design. Multiple layers of fire-resistant gypsum wallboard are encased between exterior heavy gauge steel and interior galvannealed sheet steel for maximum durability. A leakproof, all welded sump provides compliant secondary containment of hazardous liquids. Galvanized steel grate flooring removes easily for cleaning.

Gravity air flow vents include UL Listed fire dampers and fusible links for maximum safety. Hydraulic door closer ensures door will automatically close. Forty-two inch (1.07-m) wide door comes with UL Listed keyed lockset for security. Additional safety features include static grounding connections, anchoring plates, and NFPA 704 diamond decal.