Custom Design Services

Every facility has applications or safety requirements simply not met by off the shelf solutions.  For that reason, we custom build spill berms, safety cabinets and HPLC safety cans.

Whatever the requirement or special need, Justrite stands ready design and manufacture a solution that meets and exceeds the challenging request. Either contact Justrite or fill out the custom design forms provided here and we’ll get your project started.


Custom Spill Containment Berm

Need to create a berm that fits a unique space or requires specific material strength? Get started here with the custom berm design form.


Justrite Custom Berms



Custom Cabinets

Need a cabinet that opens on either sides or needs to fit in a tight space? Fill out the custom cabinet design form here and we’ll start on your solution.





Custom HPLC Cans

Have an application that requires a special size HPLC Safety Can or one that needs a fitting in a specific location? We’ll get started on your solution after you send us the HPLC custom design form.

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