Dip Tanks

This video shows how to use a dip tank (sometimes called a cleaning tank or wash tank) used for cleaning and rinsing small parts and subassemblies. Designed for use with combustible or flammable liquids, Justrite Dip Tanks have a manually operated cover  that stays open for convenient access. The cover is equipped with a self-closing mechanism and fusible link which melts at 165° F (74° C) to close the cover shut in case of fire. Tanks should always remain closed when not in use. A handy “parts basket” speeds up the handling and cleaning of multiple small pieces and reduces hand contact with the cleaning solvent.

Used worldwide to safely soak and clean parts, Justrite Dip/Wash Tanks have been independently fire tested and approved by FM Global, and meet OSHA and the National Fire Protection Association requirements. Note: Proper bonding and grounding techniques must be followed if working with Class I flammable liquids.